Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Roast potatoes and parsnips

Sorry for the hiatus but I'm trying to find time to write up another couple of blogposts including a review of the Kam Sang Chinese Restaurant in Scarborough.

In the meantime, here is a photo of the roast parsnips and potatoes I cooked the other day. The spuds were crunchy on the outside and powdery soft on the inside, while the parsnips were like crisps made in heaven. Method: parboiling, frying in duck fat in a hot roasting tin over a flame, and then roasting at 190 - 200 for twice as long as any cookbook tells you. 15 minutes from the end, I drizzled honey over the parsnips, but I forgot the sesame seeds.

Not East Asian but cooked by someone of East Asian origins.

EDIT: Almost forgot. Very important to drain the potatoes after boiling for a few minutes only (I do about five minutes). Reserve the water for gravy, replace the lid and then SHAKE the pot so you fluff up the outside ready to be seared in the hot fat.


Gwei Mui said...

LOL great dish try a little honey dizzeled on the parnships next time with a pinch of chili

Anna Chen said...

Mmm, honey and chilli. Sounds like a nice kick to it.

Milnrowmart said...

As a big fan of your nasi goreng which I tried all together and bit by bit, I made this with honey, sesame seeds and goose fat. My wife, who eats very little (I ate the goose all by myself on Boxing Day with gravy and no potatoes and veg), really liked it. I am writing to tell you I am running out of recipes and inspiration and may complain to the excellent Madam Miaow if these are not forthcoming.

Anna Chen said...

Eek! You are right ... Must post again soonish.

So pleased you liked Denise's nasi goreng. I need to get her paella on video for posterity.