Welcome to my new blog in which I explore all aspects of one of my favourite subjects in the whole wide world: East Asian food. Chances are it’s one of your favourites, too. So do check out my restaurant reviews, interviews, news, recipes and photos of a British Chinese blogger’s attempts to feed herself all things nice.

I’ll be scouring UK East Asian catering high and low (mostly low, she growled). Those cheap noodle bars are great — there should be on in every High Street and shopping centre. If I’m looking for fast food, I’d rather spend a few quid on a plate of spicy stir-fry noodles than a Big Mac.

But mid-to-high end is wonderful. We are spoilt for choice in the UK, mostly thanks to Britain’s colonial past. There’s a massive competition out there and the restaurant field can be a killing zone for restaurants that don’t get it right. I aim to guide you through the maze of eateries on offer. But gimme a chance — I can only do one dinner a day, no matter what Loved One says.

Want to know how Chinese eat at home? Hungry for that authentic experience? My own culinary know-how that I’ll be bringing you is everyday and practical, just like Mamma — and even better, Papa — used to make.

This is all subjective and about satisfying my own taste buds, and sharing that with you. As far as this blog is concerned, there is no right or wrong; just “does it work?” I hope you’ll stay for the ride.

Anna Chen also blogs as Madam Miaow Says

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