Sunday, 11 July 2010

Nasi Goreng video: classic Asian rice & prawns plus chicken and satay sauce, Part 1

(PART 2 plus recipe HERE)

My friend Denise made us a wonderful meal last week. Nasi Goreng is a traditional Indonesian fried rice dish made with prawns, ginger, garlic, chilli and tamarind among a myriad of other tasty ingredients. We're serving it with roast chicken with a tasty peanut satay sauce with ginger, garlic, chillies and onion.

Here's how to cook Nasi Goreng in an easy two part video (second part here). Plus a satay sauce made simple but absolutely mouthwatering. Served over roasted chicken pieces and fried savoury rice. Strong pungent flavours for those who like their taste buds given a good time.

Interruptions by various males never knocked us off our true course: bringing you the best of Asian cooking. Amazing how much focus you have when you're hungry.

Part one of two parts.

Part 2 here.


Gwei Mui said...

Now you see I had Sunday dinner all sorted out in my head... but now you'v gone and done it! My daughter keeps bugging me to make noodles from scratch. NOw she's seen this post so I guess it'll be noodles for dinner. Great post

Anna Chen said...

Ah, wait until I get part two up.